High Resolution Laser

High Resolution Laser System

A new high-resolution laser system is being commissioned for performing spectroscopy at the Artemis Analytical facility. This will allow us to more easily differentiate between signals from different isotopes, facilitating the measurement of trace isotope concentrations within a sample. At Artemis Analytical, our high-speed detection system is capable of measuring single atoms at a time...
Mushrooms and roadside pollution

Mushrooms and roadside pollution

Introduction Foraging has become an increasingly popular past time, the ability to find food in the wild could assist with survival but also offers an immense sense of achievement and satisfaction.  It is important that the practice is carried out with care and attention to ensure that potential food sources are correctly identified.  Edible mushrooms...
Quantum Mass Spec | First Measurements

Quantum Mass Spectrometer | Highly Excited Atoms

After months of optimisation and development work, the first set of measurements has been made using the Artemis quantum mass spectrometer. This is a huge milestone, as it demonstrates that the components of the instrument are working together as they should be.  These preliminary results inform us of what needs to come next in order...
Fast Atoms

Quantum Mass Spectrometer | Fast Atoms

In our last article ‘Beam me Up’ we talked about how we have successfully steered a beam of ions around our new instrument. Here we discuss our next step, how we neutralise the ion beam to produce a beam of fast atoms. The Quantum Mass Spectrometer will offer highly selective separation of atoms with different...
Beam Me Up

Quantum Mass Spectrometer | Beam me up!

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve reached a significant milestone on our journey to developing a new trace analysis technique. Our novel instrument exploits the interaction between a beam of ions that are accelerated through a vacuum and highly tuned lasers. Our team have successfully delivered the first ions to the end of the instrument...
Manchester Mass Spectrometry

Manchester, Home of Mass Spectrometry

Manchester has, throughout the ages, been at the forefront of research and development for the ever-evolving landscape of science and technology.  Through both the agricultural and industrial revolutions the contributions made by Manchester are too many to list, from the evolution of the textile industry right through to that of the mass spectrometry instrument manufacturers...
elemental analysis and isotope analysis

A Brief History of Elemental Analysis

Elemental analysis by definition covers the whole periodic table and includes both qualitative and quantitative analysis of samples covering a wide range of concentrations. Organic elemental analysis may also be determined for a range of small or large molecule applications. It is possible to analyse a multi-component mixture of compounds using chromatographic techniques.  If the...
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