Photon Science


We are currently working on the development of a prototype enhanced-sensitivity mass spectrometer for the detection of 14C from environmental samples and ancient artefacts. The project is building on the laser spectroscopy techniques developed at CERN.

Key capabilities

  • Single atom sensitivity across the entire periodic table

  • Microgram sample sizes

  • Rapid carbon dating analysis (greater than 100 samples per day)


Grow initially as an analysis service focusing at the outset on archaeological work and then extend into related activities such as forensics, identifying counterfeit whisky, counterfeit wine and fake old masters. Further expansion to then follow by also selling compact, rapid-results spectrometers.

Our technology will speed up carbon dating results significantly and also have a key role to play in related disciplines such as forensics. In addition, by introducing big data to carbon dating it has the potential to throw new light on human behaviour and how life evolved on our planet.


Commercialisation: Grow as an analysis service then expand to additionally sell compact spectrometers


Artemis Progress

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